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Lingerie Business : Richa kar

In Indian society, a lot of conversations happen behind closed doors. One such conversation is about lingerie. Reports suggest more than 82% of Indian women just did not get a professional expert’s opinion when buying undergarments for their size.

Richa Kar recognized this gap in the market and faced it head-on. Despite several social backlashes, an initially unsupportive social circle, and struggles with funding, Richa did not give up.

Richa Kar came from a culture heavily steeped in ancient Indian tradition. Not only was it unheard of for women in India to work, it was even more unheard of for them to pursue entrepreneurship. But the deal breaker for Richa was this: She wanted to open up a women’s lingerie business. It was something she wanted to share with her parents once the idea came upon her.

Her transparency in sharing her lingerie business idea with her parents would prove to be a difficult journey. Because lingerie bears a negative stamp, her parents had strong objectives. Her mother thought about the social stigma that would follow her daughter and was worried about the subsequent shame it would bring upon the entire family. Their opposition was so strong that her father refused to support her, but she remained undaunted.

Today, she is the founder of a multi-million dollar enterprise – Zivame. An online store for lingerie and nightwear. Richa has not only de-stigmatized the concept of wearing fashionable but comfortable innerwear,she has also made women who want to sell clothes online be more confident in making these choices openly.


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